10 Best Tents for Camping With Dogs in 2022 [Buyer’s Guide]

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Camping is a fun activity, specifically when it comes to camp with dogs. You just cannot eliminate your pets on such a spiritual voyage where you are all surrounded by nature and its beauty. You have to research about a tent which has a good solid construction that has fiberglass poles and a strong frame to resist strong winds. It should have leak-proof and inverted seams, so it does not get wet from inside. It should have welded floors and right quality fabric. It should have adequate ventilation. It can or cannot have an electrical cord that can be accessible to charge electrical gadgets. Many tents in the market are in the category of the best tents for camping with dogs, but here we have shortlisted some tents that you can choose by comparing their characteristics.              

1. Coleman Juniper Lake Tent | Coleman 4‑Person Tent

One unique ability of camping near to nature is that it binds quite comprehensively with a man. Pets are family, and you just cannot endure nature without being around to them. Coleman Juniper Lake Instant Dome Tent with Annex is one of the best tents for camping with dogs as it has the steel poles that add toughness to the construction of this tent. It has a roomy adaptable space to store gear, backpack, and other useful products. It has an easy installation method and comfortable packing that one can merely spend less than a minute to do so. It goes convenient with a bag pack whenever you are ready to migrate from one position to another. It is easy to carry, as it is incredibly light in weight. It goes perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, and scouting purposes. 


  • It has a weather-tec system built in the product that removes extra water from the tent and keeps the tent perfect for a living environment. 
  • It is spacious enough to proceed with the process of ventilation quite properly. Moreover, it is perfect for four people, as you can adjust one queen-sized air bed in the tent. The ventilated annex of this tent offers enough space to accommodate a dog bed. 
  • It has a poly guard design that enhances the breath ability factor, and you can sense a great experience in humid conditions. 
  • It has zipper protection that can prevent any water from entering into the tent. 
  • It has a strong frame that can withstand extreme winds.     
  • It includes a rainfly for extra protection from severe weather.
  • It is easy and quick to set up.
  • It has storage pockets.
  • It has enough center height to walk in the tent.
  • It is roomy from inside that provides proper ventilation.
  • It is also perfect for car camping.
  • Poles can be distorted partially or entirely if improperly packed.

2. Coleman Steel Creek Tent | Coleman Fast Pitch Tent

Sometimes we need a break from our routine life just to enhance things to their best version. Camping is a great option to convert your vacation into a remarkable experience. You always want to take your catharsis center with you, so we have this cool product that is adaptable for pets, and it is one of the best tents for camping with dogs. It is spacious enough to accommodate your family of 6 members with a cute dog. It has extra space, which can be very useful for sleeping on warmer nights. It has large windows that can provide extra and super ventilation to feel suffocation at all on dry temperature. It works best in humid conditions. It has protected seams that are welded enough to resist harsh weather conditions. It has an impressive design and built up that can withstand wind tests. It has strong frames.   


  • It weighs almost 19 pounds. 
  • It has a dimension of 26 x 10 x 10 inches. 
  • It has waterproof floors that provide an extreme dehydrating environment in a tent.
  • It has color-coded fiberglass poles. 
  • It has a poly guard fabric. 
  • It has a round shape. 
  • It is spacious enough to accommodate two queen-sized airbeds. 
  • You can bring electrical power to your tent by making access to E-port possible in the tent.
  • It has a weather-tec system built-in to the tent that can prevent water from entering into the tent. Moreover, it has welded floors.
  • It has storage pockets along with the tent.
  • It is easy to carry due to its adaptable packing in a backpack.
  • It is easy and fast to install due to its flexible poles.
  • It has a separate screening room.
  • It cannot withstand heavy storms or massive rains.

3. Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Red Canyon Car Camping Tent: 

As the name suggests, it is way spacious to accommodate eight family members with extreme convenience. It goes best with car camping as it is easy to install. Due to its roomy interior, you can simply add this tent to the best tents for camping with dogs. It has a rigid construction. It has separations or compartments that are helpful to prevent the intervention in your privacy. You can easily collect all the waste material or debris with ease as it has welded floors. You can put carpets on the floor as well. It is a compact tent, and it hides all the needle holes as it has inverted seams. Moreover, it is weather and water-resistant that does not allow any type of substance to enter the tent. It has large windows and a big door to keep the tent ventilated enough to breathe, live, write, eat, read, cook, and enjoy.


  • It has a maximum height of 72 inches. 
  • It has 22.4 pounds of weight. 
  • It has a dimension of 25.3 x 10.9 x 10.2 inches.   
  • It is available in red color. 
  • It has a separate room that can block the sunlight and protect you. 
  • It has a relatively robust construction that can prove the muscular frame of the tent.  
  • It comes with an extra rain fly which can protect you from heavy rain. 
  • It has room dividers that can separate your tent into three rooms.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It is spacious enough to accommodate the whole family.
  • It has a separate screening room that can protect from sun damage.
  • It has an excellent weight/size ratio.
  • It has excellent ventilation as it has large windows.
  • Poles are too long, so you have to handle them with care, so they do not break.

4. Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent | Core 11-Person Extended Dome Tent

The best tents for camping with dogs must have one quality, and that is space. The name suggests that it has plenty of room for people and a dog as it has a screen room attached to the tent. It behaves as a cabin when it comes to operating in extreme conditions. It can modify itself into a traditional tent to enjoy the experience of camping to its full. The adjustable ground vents are so specially created for this tent to keep this tent’s inner temperature dry, humid, dehydrated, and warm at the same time. It has color-coded poles that make it easier to install and unpack. It has advanced water core technology that protects you even from harsh temperatures. It is spacious enough to accommodate three queen-sized air beds into the tent. As the name has the figure of eleven people, it has large windows to allow fresh air cross-exchange to enhance ventilation. 


  • It has a large ceiling to allow fresh and cool air to adjust while it has an advanced venting system that eradicates warm air and reduces the tent’s temperature. 
  • It has a center height of 86 inches. 
  • It has a dimension of 29.2 x 14.2 x 14.2 inches. 
  • It weighs 14.39 kilograms.  
  • It is available in orange color. 
  • It has 24 stakes, rain fly, poles, and gear loft. 
  • It has a 68-D polyester that can resist heavy rain. 
  • It has a floor size of 17 x 12 inches.
  • It comes with an expandable bag.
  • It has space to install an electrical port for your mobile phones and chargers.
  • It has advanced water core technology that eliminates water from the tent even in the rainy season.
  • It has plenty of room.
  • It has adequate ventilation.
  • It has a perfect screen room where you can make your dog sleep.
  • It has a large packing size and is a little heavy.

5. Coleman WeatherMaster Tent | Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 screened Tent  

Coleman products have robust and sturdy construction. They are relatively durable and easy to trust. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-person tent is an excellent choice to take with you if you are camping with your family and pets. It is quite evident in the category of best tents for camping with dogs. It has a screen room attached to the tent, so you do not have to worry about placing your dog. The screen room protects from any abrasive or sun damage as well. It has a dome-like shape that has the closure of zippers. It has both inside and outside zippers to eradicate danger or any other loss. It has robust construction as it can withstand intense wind tests due to its fiberglass poles. It has a polyester fabric that prevents water from entering into the tent and keeps the tent warm and dry. It can accommodate six people with extreme convenience. 


  • It has a dimension of 41 x 10 x 10 inches. 
  • It weighs 32 pounds. 
  • It has a 75-D polyester fly. 
  • It has 19 mm of steel poles. 
  • It has a 1000-D polyethylene floor. 
  • It has a 68-D polyester of the inner tent.
  • It has zipper protection that helps you to pack entirely from inside out to prevent heavy water. 
  • It has leak-proof and inverted seams.  
  • It has 10 inches of center height. 
  • It has a strong frame that can withstand intense winds.
  • You can bring an E-port in the tent to provide charging for your mobile phones, laptops, and other electrical gadgets.
  • It is spacious enough to accommodate six people.
  • It has a separate screen room.
  • It takes less than twenty minutes to install the tent, so it is easy to install.
  • The poles can become the victim of thermal expansion in the bright sun.

6. Bessport Camping Tent | Bessport Beach Tent 

Besssport Camping Tent is a perfect example to comfort yourself as it has an effortless installation, easy to carry, easy to pack, easy to unpack. It is the most comfortable product with two doors and breathable fabric that helps you keep your privacy and keep your internal temperatures up to the task. It has a reflective guyline that depicts the durability of the product. It provides UV protection, and it is super lightweight. It can accommodate a couple and their dog as it has perfect space for that. It is among the best tents for camping with dogs due to its large meshed windows that provide moderate ventilation. It has an advanced venting system and advanced water core technology with welded floors that eradicate excess water in the rainy season. This characteristic of the Besssport camping tent helps the internal environment to maintain at a dry and dehydrated rate. It has an extra rainfly to protect the tent from leaking or puncturing during rain. 


  • It has an interior canopy area of 31-square-foot. 
  • It weighs almost 2 kilograms. 
  • It has an interior height of 43.5 inches, so one can barely walk. 
  • It has 86.4 x 48.4 inches of floor dimensions.
  • It has an attached clip with both poles that reduce its weight.  
  • It has 8.5 mm of tent poles. 
  • It has a flooring material of welded oxford. 
  • It has a fabric of 68-D polyester. 
  • It is free-standing, so you do not need to worry about its falling apart.
  • It has two doors.
  • It has storage pockets where you can put your necessary items.
  • It has 12 stakes, a backpack, and a rain fly that comes with the tent.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It has smooth zippers that seldom get stuck.
  • It is easy to carry as it is lightweight.
  • It cannot withstand heavy rains.

7. Coleman Sundome Tent | Coleman Sundome Tent 6 Person

Coleman Sundome tent has a limit concerning two, three, four, and six individuals. It is an ideal tent for an outside excursion and outdoors. It has this distinctive element of opposing water to get into the tent in any event, when it is coming down intensely. It is among the best tents for camping with dogs. The incredible component of rain fly makes it adaptable for a weighty downpour. Besides, it invites the cycle of ventilation even after the shut windows. It has a little zipped opening that causes you to store easily overlooked details like a folding knife, cell phones, and different frills. It has a flexible sheet with a hydrostatic head that keeps the things dry and dried up. It withstands the breeze and downpour test and demonstrates uncommon assurance in windy climate.


  • It has a tube-like floor and well-welded corners.
  • It has 4ft of center height. 
  • It has high stability due to its elegantly crafted poles.
  • It has a roomy interior of 7 x 5 ft.
  • You can block the sunlight by enabling darkroom technology to get a sound sleep in daylight.  
  • It has super ventilation due to its fabric.
  • It has an E-port embedded inside the tent, so you do not need to worry about charging your gadgets.
  • It has a hook on the top ceiling of the tent to hang a lantern.
  • It has a strong structure that can resist winds up to 35-40 mph.
  • It has storage pockets where you can carry important and small stuff.
  • It has an easy setup and easy to carry.
  • It is not very spacious from inside.

8. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent | 8 Person Tent with Screen Room

It is a massive tent with a capacity of eight people in it. It is quite prominent in the category of best tents for camping with dogs as they can accommodate maximum stuff and individuals. It has a rigid and sturdy construction as it has fiberglass and steel poles. It has a unique T design door that separates the tent into two rooms. You can have a flapper zipper to attain maximum privacy. 


  • It has a pin and ring system for easy setup. 
  • It has fiberglass poles. 
  • It has two windows that have an opening to the inside of a tent.
  • It has a dimension of 28 x 11.5 x 11.2 inches. 
  • It weighs 28.4 pounds. 
  • It has a floor area of 98 square feet.

      9. Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent | Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent

      If you are looking to go camping as a couple and you want to take your dog with you, this is an ideal tent for you then as it is the best tent for camping with dogs. It has a closure type of zipper with two see-through windows that provide a comfortable environment in terms of ventilation and breathability. It is a free-standing tent that has a round shape that goes perfect for three seasons except for extreme winters. 


      • It has a polyester fabric. 
      • It is available in green color. 
      • It has a round shape.
      • It has two windows and two doors. 
      • It has a floor area of 35 square feet. 
      • It has a center height of 43 inches. 
      • It has a vestibule area of 17 square feet.
      • Setup instructions are printed on the stuff pack.
      • It has good ventilation due to two windows and doors.
      • It has an advanced venting system with welded floors and inverted seams.
      • It has storage pockets.
      • It has a removable rain fly so you can enjoy every temperature.
      • It can have leaks when exposed to heavy rains.

      10. Gazelle T4 Plus Tent | Gazelle T4 Plus footprint

      It is a tent that has a hundred percent polyester and is highlighted in the list of best tents for camping with dogs. It has a quick ninety seconds set up that can enhance the chances of being in the list of popping up. It has a removable floor that can easily help a person or an individual to clean the tent with extreme ease. It has durable zippers that are super comfortable to pack or unpack. 


      • It has a dimension of 168 x 94 x 78 inches. 
      • It has a weight of 47 pounds. 
      • It can accommodate four to eight people. 
      • It has a center height of 78 inches. 
      • It has a floor area of 110 square feet. 
      • It is a pop-up tent with a hub design.
      • It comes with rain fly and stakes.
      • It has a removable floor.
      • It has a separate screen room.
      • It can only resist wind up to 30 mph.

      There are a lot of above-mentioned tents that are the best tents for camping with dogs, but we find Coleman Red Canyon Tent the best product among all.

      It is a decent quality tent structured and made by an organization that has been around for quite a while and has a scope of items demonstrated and utilized by numerous clients. If you’re going outdoors and need a decent tent this coming Christmas season, or at the end of the week when the climate looks excellent, look at the Coleman Red Canyon. 

      This tent will furnish you with a peaceful haven and give you security from an evening shower or storm. Nonetheless, in case you’re thinking about great outdoor exercises in the day of extreme conditions, you may need to take a gander at spending more cash on a tent of better structure and quality that suits these conditions better.

      Frequently asked questions regarding Best Tents used in Camping with Dogs

      Q.What Must Features be Present in Camping Tent With Dog?

      Ans: Following features must be present in camping tent with dog:

      • Use of sturdy materials in the construction
      • Leash adjustment areas
      • Separate accommodation space for dogs

      Q.What Accessories to Bring While Camping With Dogs?

      Ans: You should carry the following accessories while camping with dogs:

      • A leash
      • A dog bed
      • Dog food
      • Dog Bowls
      • Toys

      Q.Are Tents Safe for Dogs?

      Ans: Yes, tents are safe for dogs since a camping tent can save your dog from suffering from the harsh weather outside. Moreover, it can give you a better time to spend with your fluffy friend.

      Q.How Can I Bring My Dog to Camping for the First Time?

      Ans: Before bringing your dog to the camping for the first site, you should practice the following tips:

      • Make him used to the tent or RV
      • Teach him some obedience to behave on camping
      • Select an appropriate camping site
      • Check the guidelines for taking your dog camping
      • Bring all his accessories along

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