10 Best Lantern for Power Outages in 2022 [Buyer’s Guide]

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If you want to go camping without any fears, you must be looking for the best lantern for a power outage, but the question arises of how many lights are sufficient to take with you on a trip and how to handle or carry them.

It would help if you had lights every time. Lights are also preferred because they can improve the efficiency of multiple tasks like reading, writing, camping, fishing, and cooking. Moreover, you can adjust the level of brightness in lanterns so according to to need. If somebody near you is sleeping, you dim the lantern and enjoy whatever you do.

If you are throwing a big party, you can adjust the luminosity of brightness to that extreme, confirming the light is immense. Usually, less than 25 lumens are best as a nightlight, while more than 25 lumens and up to 100 lumens can be used inside the camp to treat your inner activities proficiently. Wise shopping is always better.

You have to seek the best lantern with brightness adjustments, convenient to carry, affordable on the pocket, and available in different colors; the battery must be long-lasting, and it must have hooks so you can hang the lantern for power outages and enjoy the task you are doing. Here we have shortlisted some of the products you can find helpful in choosing which lantern is best.

1. Vont 4 Pack LED Lantern: best emergency lantern 2020

Vont 4 Pack LED Lantern has the most innovative design, covering 360 degrees. It has 30 bulbs that provide enough illumination in extreme dark. This lantern for power outages is very durable and long-lasting. It offers more than twenty thousand hours of light. It has a shape and structure that can be adaptable and sticks to any of the back of your luggage.

It is easy to carry and has a prominent feature of folding and unfolding it according to the circumstances. We can use it in heavy storms or rainy conditions as it is waterproof. It is merely the best lantern for a power outage as it is equally helpful for indoor and outdoor activities.

  • It is very light in weight.
  • It is easy to carry.
  • It has the double foldable handles that help in the proper emission of light.
  • It fits easily on any backpack.
  • Battey is shockingly lasting.
  • Battery consumes low power.
  • It is compact and has good coverage of light.
  • You can lessen the brightness whenever you want to.
  • It is durable due to its construction, and it is completely water-resistant.
  • It has no USB port in it.
  • It is not suitable for plastic house settings as such setting reduces the quality of lantern.
  • It has no solar panel charging.

2. Stream light 44941 Ultra-Compact Work Lantern:

It has two triple-A batteries incorporated into it. Streamlight 44941 Ultra-Compact Work Lantern has a specific handle through which it can be hung and spread the light. It has the super ability to install and operate magnets in it. Moreover, it can be used and equally effective in vehicles.

Besides the tents with built-in lights, magnetism’s strength helps the lantern get attached to the car. It is effortless to use. It consists of textured rubber with durable polymer plastic that makes it buoyant and does not allow water to damage any of the internals. It has a magnetic base, and light becomes intense when exposed to steel surfaces. It has alkaline batteries that help it to cover 360 degrees.

This lantern for power outages has a removable cover that is fruitful for reducing glare and submerging at a high angle. It has three modes of brightness: the highest mode of 200 lumens, medium mode of 100 lumens, and lowest mode of 50 lumens, and this same quality of Streamlight 44941 Ultra-Compact Work Lantern can be categorized as the best lantern for a power outage. Also, this lantern for power outages can turn SOS mode in emergencies to signal and last 12 days, which is another evidence of its durable battery. 

  • It spreads immense light due to its fantastic feature of getting hung.
  • It covers all the 360 degrees.
  • It is available in multiple colors.
  • It has three modes of brightness.
  • It has a long-lasting battery.
  • It has a magnetic base that helps it to get fixed with any vehicle without any danger of getting dropped or damaged.
  • Batteries separately can be sold out.
  • It is a little heavyweight.
  • Batteries are not included in this lantern.

3. SUBOOS Ultra Bright Portable LED Light: best-led lantern for camping

The existence of the lanterns is not new to the world. Lanterns for power outages have been present since the 1600s and have been used consistently throughout the ages. However, the standards are modified. They perform a high duty to illuminate the dark and dense area. 

SUBOOS Ultra Bright Portable LED light has a fantastic feature of super brightness with 60 LEDs. It can be used as a bright light while camping. You can adjust this lantern’s brightness, making it the best lantern for a power outage. It has 3 AAA batteries that provide long-lasting luminosity. It weighs over 100 grams, so it is easy to handle and can be carried anywhere conveniently.    

This lantern for power outages has an adaptable physique and can be placed behind your luggage. It is supremely eligible for bad weather, specifically heavy rains and storms, as its construction makes it completely water-resistant.

  • It can work on two batteries.
  • The range of light is deep.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • It covers a considerable angle.
  • It has three luminosity levels.
  • It has a specific handle to hang it to the ceiling
  • It has no USB port.
  • It is small.
  • It gives a dim bluish-white light at a low battery.

4. Blazin’ 500 LED Lantern: best-led lantern

Lanterns are essential for night desert camping, especially when there is nothing to light up your tent or while walking in the middle of a dark forest. 

Blazin’ 500 LED Lantern comes with a 100 percent lifetime guarantee. This lantern for power outages covers 360 degrees and consists of 6 modes of colors, including white and red. The feature of two batteries not only makes it 50 percent brighter but also makes it the best lantern for a power outage. It has a built-in power lamp you can trust spending your dark hours in the tent.

The brightness of the Blazin’ 500 LED lantern can reach 600 lumens. It is specially designed for getting attached through its individually crafted Shook. This type of lantern for power outages is almost perfect for everybody – men working, women reading, kids playing, conscious cooking, and unconscious adventure. The feature of a double 3D battery makes it survive for a long. 

  • It is waterproof
  • It is strong enough to break after a fall from heights
  • It is available in more than two colors
  • It can charge your mobile phones, laptops, and speakers.
  • It is easy to carry due to its D hook
  • It can be hung to enhance the brightness of the light
  • It has a removable top that can be adjusted to lessen or heighten to organize a beam of light
  • Its battery is non-removable

5. Core 500 LED Lumen: brightest led lantern

Nowadays, LED lanterns for power outages are fancied mainly by young camper sportsmen and families who like to travel. Even these are fabulously trendy for decoration and DIY backyard activities. Undoubtedly, the antique oil lanterns have been the basic idea of these updated versions of LED lanterns, and still, technology is taking hold in today’s era.

 Core LEDs give a unique lantern style to enlighten your camping life. The Core 500 LED lantern has the highest mode of 500 lumens and the lowest mode of 200 lumens. It is durable and constructed of such material that makes it adaptable for emergencies like heavy rains and bad storms due to its water-resistant quality.

This lantern for power outages has a massive range of outdoor area lighting that gives a pleasant camping tour experience. It consists of CREE LED bulbs. Its particular feature of the steel handle makes it flexible to carry and hang. 

  • It has two modes of brightness.
  • It has 65 hours of runtime
  • It is easy to carry
  • It is affordable to the pocket
  • It has a diffuser tube to enhance light areas
  • It is built with a water-resistant construction that helps it to withstand heavy rain
  • It is compact enough to the bright whole living room
  • No batteries included
  • It comes with one year of limited warranty.

6. S20 Area Lantern: best rechargeable emergency lantern

These lanterns are made up of heavy-duty plastic material. It can illuminate the tent of 4 people with its two adjustable modes that are bright and brighter. Moreover, it has a metal handle that can be unhooked when needed and provide excellent light from the hanging position.

This lantern for power outages has reliable battery timing, as you can use this lantern while cooking, reading, camping, and sleeping. It is impact-resistant, making it the best lantern for a power outage.

  • It has an integrated solar panel that modifies the shape of the lantern as well.
  • It has a free 2-year replacement warranty, and this very quality makes you but this lantern.
  • It has a fixed battery, and there is no need to replace them.
  • It has a feature of making it’s off and on the button to glow in the dark so you will be able to switch it on and off even in the deep dark.
  • It can bear extreme weather and dust conditions due to its construction.
  • It has an indicator that demonstrates that either the battery is on charge or not.
  • It has two modes of brightness.
  • It has 5-years of a lifetime.
  • It is portable and can be used as a security light in any garden, fence garage, or stairs.
  • It is a little heavy.

7. Energizer LED Camping Lanterns: best outdoor lanterns

Energizer offers a sleek lantern that spreads light 360-degree uniformly and performs several tasks for indoor activities and outdoor adventures, which rates its best lantern for a power outage. It is manufactured with panels of a particular Light Fusion Technology that folds up 360 degrees and brightens the maximum area.

It has a built-in intelligent dimming technology for controlling runtime and brightness. It also stands sturdily on its own back for free-hand use. It comes with an advantage of a lifetime guarantee that the enclosed light is free from any faults in its structure for the entire life of the lights emplaced in the lantern. 

These lanterns for power outages depend upon FCC limits specifically designed to provide compatible and sensible protection against harmful and damaging interfaces while installing them in your homes from a residential point of view. There is no doubt that these lanterns may not only generate radio waves but also use them and radiate them.

Therefore users must be cautious before installing it on surfaces because it may interact with radio communications and cause a harmful interface. To avoid that, one must relocate and reorient the antennas at the receiving end or change the connection of the lantern for power outages into an outlet on a circuit different from the relationship of the receiver’s side. 

This lantern is a blessing for outdoor adventures and camping with excellent battery life and extraordinary batteries.  

  • It has excellent battery timing.
  • It delivers bright visibility.
  • It is durable and lasts through heavy storms.
  • It is water-resistant and affords to work correctly in heavy rain.
  • It radiates radio waves.
  • It does not have a solar panel.

8. Etekcity 4 Pack Portable LED Lantern: 

This lantern for power outages has 30 LED bulbs with a minimum energy spread of 360 degrees of illumination and energy-saving. It lights up at least 30 hours of continuous usage with ample battery power (pre-installed in lanterns) and usually works for a long.

It includes four brightness settings that will quickly change the dimmer brightness for the campers, reading, power outage, emergency, trip, and backpacking. That’s why it is known as the best lantern for power outages. It sticks to metal frames for hands-free lighting in all working environments with an effortless effort because of its magnetic base.

This lantern provides 12 hours of dazzling omnidirectional LED illumination to look about if used for hiking, tricking or care, or energy shutdowns. The luminosity reduces to an energy-saving mode while the lantern’s battery capacity is small to provide long-lasting lighting (up to four hours of reduced power use).

It is smaller, faster, and more compact than other torches, although robustly immune to the outside. Among more practical benefits in many settings, the military-level surface is water-resistant. The lantern for power outages is suitable for children without any gas or oil planning. 

  • High-quality cover
  • Widespread usage for hiking, hikes, rescue events, cycling, backpacking, fishing, and much more.
  • This is compact and trustworthy.
  • Ultra-light, low energy usage.
  • It is water-resistant, so it gives a tough fight to a rainy day.
  • Stroboscopic, time-intensive, and yet long-lasting.
  • It does not have solar paneling

9. Coleman quad-LED lantern: modern outdoor lanterns

A young man in Wichita, Kansas, began making lanterns for power outages more than 100 years ago with an adventurous mind and a better concept. His name is W.C. Coleman, and the business he founded in America has updated his everyday life.

In 1900, Coleman saw a bright light in a drugstore window that paused him in his tracks. He got the details about the inside of the morning. The lamps had mantles rather than wicks and were ignited under pressure from fuel rather than charcoal oil. A short time after, Coleman introduced a lighting program, which included a “no flame” provision, a significant move forward for campers and other customers. 

At the base, the lights are recharged. 8 D cell batteries power these lanterns. It works extraordinarily long-lasting with polaroid batteries; thus, this lantern for power outages is considered the best lantern for a power outage. Its water-resistance quality protects it from water splashes and rain.

  • It contains removable sections, so it is not necessary to carry whole lanterns along every time.
  • It has right battery timing
  • It is durable and indestructible
  • It does not have a USB port to charge your phone.

10. MalloMe LED Lantern with Flashlight:

It covers all the angles, giving it an extra edge of being ultra-bright. It comes with 3 AA batteries that allow it to last long. It is made of military construction that helps prevent water from entering it. It penetrates whatever water goes into the lantern due to its textured rubber.

It has different levels of brightness, including 146 lumens, the highest. It is beneficial while reading, writing, cooking, camping, or fishing. It is a multi-purpose lantern. It consists of focused light beams that reflect the right amount of light when exposed to a larger area.

This lantern for power outages is available in different packaging. It is accessible and gets easily stored in any of your backpacks. It is so tiny and adorable, and highly convenient to use.

  • The batteries are straightforward to understand.
  • It is water-resistant, and it comes with a collapsible design.
  • The LED bulb of this lantern provides you long-lasting brightness.
  • It has no charging ports.


All lanterns are productive to use and adapt in extreme circumstances, but I like Blazin’ 500 LED Lantern because it can charge your mobile phones and laptops with its USB port. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness when needed. It has a D hook that can focus the light beam and expose the darkness through luminosity. It has a removable top, which is almost indestructible if it falls from a height of 5 meters. It is waterproof and can be very handy in heavy rain. These qualities simply make this lantern the best lantern for a power outage.

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