10 Best Tents for Tall People in 2022 [Buyer’s Guide]

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Are you planning a trip? Camping is always a great option. It would help if you chose a quieter and calmer place to cherish your break. You need to pick the best tent to make your camping worth remembering. 

You have to pick the best tents for tall people so there will be enough headroom for the tall people to wander around. We have shortlisted some of the famous and in-use tents below:  

1. Coleman Cabin Tent | Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant

To be away from everyone is a way of getting close to oneself, and you might be thinking of getting in touch with yourself and your loved ones. For this, you would need this instant setup cabin tent from Coleman that takes just sixty seconds to be installed. This tent can accommodate four people, and it is a good choice as the best tent for tall people.

Unplanned trips are the best. But what if you encounter rainfall? Your trip would get spoiled, then. To save you from the hustle-bustle of making arrangements in the nick of time, we have got you covered by providing weatherproof best tents for tall people. The product is made with fine polyester and steel poles that are fully seamed to make it last longer. 

Among all the best tents for tall people, this huge tent is well-ventilated, and optimum airflow can be maintained. The zippers are used to assure you of your privacy. The tent would come in handy when you are going car camping.

Camping and company are the essentials one needs in life. But without a perfect choice of tent, things can get messy, and you would not want to make a terrible choice by choosing anything other than this cabin tent by Coleman.

  • It is spacious enough to provide accommodation to four people.
  • The seamed tubes offer full weather protection and make it a compatible choice to be used season after season.
  • By using extended rain fly, we have made sure to keep the tent rain-free and maintain airflow.
  • One minute instant setup to save you from the worry of wasting time.
  • By using zippers, your privacy is ensured.
  • A few customers have complained about the water leakage.

2. Wenzel Klondike Tent l Wenze 8 Person Klondike Tent

When nature calls, you must respond. And for all the sudden trips planned to enjoy the weather, you must stay prepared beforehand. You would not want to spoil any moment of the adventure you are planning to have. We got you covered for such a trip. 

These best tents for tall people come with an easy setup requiring minimal effort. The pin and ring setup will help you install it in much less time. Shock corded fibreglass and steel poles are used to make the product durable. The seams are fully waterproof, and the rainfly prevents the water from entering your tent. The mesh roof vents will give you a perfect sky view. Three zippered side windows with inside flaps will keep the tent ventilated. 

Wenzel 8-person tents can be used in three seasons. These best tents for tall people come in blue and provide a floor space of 98 square feet. The superior water repellency application is enforced in certain areas to make this the fit choice for your camping trip.

It is spacious enough to install two queen airbeds and would make your experience feel fun at home. Are you out on the trip with your dogs? You can keep the pals with you in the tent as we provide you with a separate space for it. Otherwise, depending on your need, you can use the space as a storage unit. This tent is spacious enough to provide accommodation for eight people.

  • It comes with an easy pin and ring setup.
  • A suitable choice as a tent for tall people.
  • Provides accommodation to 8 people.
  • Mesh roof vents to bring you an amazing stargazing experience.
  • Zippers are installed to provide you with trusted privacy.
  • Shock corded fiberglass and steel poles are used to make them durable
  • It has no hole to pull the electric cables through.

3. ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek Tent | 6-Person Mountaineering Tent

A perfect day would be so incomplete without a mountain camping adventure. ALPS mountaineering camp is the ideal choice for such a trip. The centre height makes it fit for tents for tall people. This has all the features one would look for while planning a mountain camping adventure.

These easy-to-install best tents for tall people come with pole slips and save you from excessive time consumption. The poles are made of fibreglass and steel. 

This comfortable tent is manufactured in charcoal and blue colour. Mesh storage shelves keep you organized. These tents for tall people are spacious enough to accommodate six people. 

The ample interior space comes with almost straight walls, and it will give you more room to bring you the comfort of home. The door and screens are well made. The door zippers are secure, and a flap goes over them for rain protection. While it’s raining, you would not want to get your trip messed up, and we know how annoying this can get, so the rainfly is structured to provide large awnings over the window and the door to keep your camp moist-free.

So the next time you plan to get away from the boredom of your daily routine to embrace nature with a ‘Hello’, don’t forget to take this mountaineering camp with you.

  • It is easy to install as it has pole clips for quick setup.
  • It provides enough space to stand tall inside the tent.
  • It is weatherproof with a fly on the front door and back window.
  • It provides accommodation to six people easily.
  • It comes with durable fiberglass and steel poles.
  • It is equipped with a mesh storage shelf.
  • Some people complain about their inability to set this tent.
  • A few people find the floor of the tent a bit thin.

4. MOON LENCE Camping Tent | MOON LENCE Pop-up Tent

What about taking a break and planning an exciting trip with family or pals away from the hustle-bustle of life? Sounds interesting! This secure and safe camping tent by Moon Lence provides comfortable accommodation to six people. 

These lightweight tents for tall people can be easily transported in a carry bag. This is incredibly easy to assemble with a shock cord and connecting poles, making it easy to set up the tent in less time than usual.

Moon Lence camping tents are manufactured in green colour. This durable tent is manufactured with reinforced strength and 100% polyester fabric. This tent is water-resistant, and the rainfly can hold 1000mm of water. 

These best tents for tall people can be used in three seasons. The roomy capacity is safe and comfy, and the poles are made of glass fibre. The zippers ensure privacy, and the waterproof brand keeps the interior moist-free.

The top half of the tent is mosquito netting, the single door, and serves as a screen too. The two windows in the back allow airflow and maintain ventilation. A ground vent is present to make it breathable and stable and sweep out your worries of getting suffocated in it.

  • It is made of 100% polyester fabric.
  • The poles are dust resistant as they are made of fiberglass.
  • It can be used season after season.
  • It is spacious enough to accommodate 6 people.
  • The use of 2 shock cord connecting poles with clips on the tent makes it easy to set up the tent.
  • The rain-fly is waterproof.
  • It is easy to carry because of its compact packing.
  • Some people find the bottom of the tent uncomfortable

5. Coleman Elite Tent | Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent Footprint

You have been looking for an ultimate luxury camping experience and guess what? This USA-manufactured tent by Coleman is an appealing choice as the best tent for tall people. 

It is available in multi colours and allows accommodation of six people. The poles and guy-out triangles are engineered to provide a more robust, wind-responsive frame making it the best among all other best tents for tall people.

The setup is easy to install, and self-rolling windows are there, along with hinged doors.

Manufactured with polyester taffeta 75D, it keeps you away from the worries of water leakage. 

With the WeatherTec system, we have ensured that the interior is dry and comfortable. Inverted seams increase weather resistance by hiding needle holes in them. Furthermore, the zipper cuff is made of weather-resistant fabric that adds more protection to the door elements. The floor is welded to remain moist-free for a more extended period.

An LED system is installed for overhead interior light, which offers three brightness settings. The attached screen room is an additional area that is bug-free and spacious enough to keep you relaxed.

  • It is made of fine polyester.
  • It is water-proof and the rainfly keeps the interior completely dry.
  • It allows the accommodation of six people.
  • It has a spacious interior with enough space to stand in the tent.
  • It is a suitable choice for people looking for a tent for tall people.
  • It comes with an LED system to illuminate the interior.
  • E-Port makes it easy to bring electrical power inside.
  • The system is CPX 6 compatible which is powered by a battery cartridge.
  • It has zippers to ensure your privacy.
  • People suggest this as the best option for dry conditions and otherwise in flooding or below-freezing conditions.

6. Ozark Trail 11-Person Tent | Best Tents for Tall People

A tent should be cosy, comfortable, and feel like home. We all would agree on it, right? Ozark brings you this instant cabin tent that takes less than 10 minutes to set up completely. 

These best tents for tall people are a good choice because it offers accommodation for eleven people. Spacious enough to fit a king-size mattress comfortably. It comes with plenty of windows to keep it well ventilated. It is manufactured in a way that it provides rings on the top that would hold lanterns and keep the tent illuminated.

Durable poles are constructed with steel, and it is rainproof. These best tents for tall people offer an outstanding balance of floor space and height. Storage is a significant issue while camping, but we have covered you as the extra room that comes with this tent can be used as gear storage or space for kids. It has mesh to keep your things in place and a zipper closure to ensure privacy.

This tent is resistant to water splashes, and you rarely face any problems; with is an appropriate choice regardless of the environment. So buckle yourself up for an extraordinary camping experience with this product.

  • It provides accommodation to 11 people.
  • It has zippers to ensure your privacy.
  • The durable poles are made of steel.
  • It is rain-proof.
  • It provides enough space to stand inside the tent.
  • It is easy to unpack and pack.
  • It is a perfect choice for people looking for a tent for tall people.
  • Some people complain of the zippers allowing rainwater to flow into the tent.
  • It is well ventilated because of the number of windows.

7. Kelty Salida Camping Tent | Eureka Tents

It has been a long time dealing with mundane life, and you want to get out of the loop and freshen your soul with what nature offers. You will need a backpack while exploring the unseen, and you will not want to make a terrible choice by choosing anything except this backpacking tent by Kelty.

These best tents for tall people are compatible in three seasons, and it is easy to install. With its clip construction technique, you need not worry about setting it up because we have made it frustration-free for you.

This tent provides accommodation for two people, and with its freestanding design that is raised on the top, it is well ventilated. It has a nylon floor and a polyester top that is weather resistant.

You will get an exciting experience with these tents for tall people because their spacious interior offers a good escape, and you will enjoy the mesmerizing affair of stargazing while on a Salida camping trip with the vestibule that comes with it. The extended rain will let you keep your things in the shelter. The seam is fully sealed and offers complete protection.

  • It is easy to set up in less amount of time with its clip construction technique
  • It is well ventilated because of its freestanding design
  • It provides accommodation for two people
  • It comes with an extended rain fly to keep your stuff in a safe shelter
  • The vestibule provides a splendid stargazing experience
  • It is weather-resistant and fine polyester is used in its construction
  • This tent has a spacious interior to give you a comfortable experience
  • It is easy to carry because of its compact folding bag
  • Durable aluminum poles are present to give maximum support
  • Zippers are sensitive.

8. Tenaya Lake Lighted Fast Pitch Cabin Tent | Fast Pitch Tent

 Are you thinking of a tenting trip and afraid you have picked the right tent? We have you covered as ‘Tenaya Lake Lighted Fast Pitch Cabin Tent’ is a well-equipped tent that offers accommodation for eight people. With its ability to be easily installable, you can set your set-up quite quickly. This is the best choice as one of the best tents for tall people providing tranquillity while you explore the horizon of adventurous aura.

Cabin with cabinets, isn’t it wonderful? This feature of the Tenaya tent helps you be organized at every step. It wouldn’t be altogether wrong to call it ‘the mansion of tents.’

Planned a trip with your group or family and encountered unexpected rainfall? You need not worry. These backpacking tents for tall people are weather-resistant to rain and will keep your adventure diaries filled with fun at ease. Manufactured with polyester, it is designed to be used season after season.

You are camping, and the torch broke? We know how annoying it is, so our tents for tall people have an LED system built into the tent that provides soft overhead interior light. The diffused lighting system will keep the tent illuminated.

Not only this, this comfy, sturdy, and convenient product from Coleman is available in different colours. It is equipped with zippers to ensure your privacy.

  • It allows accommodation for tall people.
  • It takes less time to install with its fast-pitch system.
  • It is manufactured with high-quality polyester.
  • It provides full coverage against the weather conditions.
  • It offers a built-in-closet to keep things arranged.
  • It has an LED system for interior light.
  • Sometimes the durability of poles is called into question.

9. MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent | MSR Hubba Hubba NX Footprint

Camping is the only satisfactory answer to a soul with a thirst for adventure. To meet the pace with nature, MSR has got you a Hubba Hubba NX backpacking tent that will keep your escapade with your partner comfortable like it was never before.

These best tents for tall people are spacious enough to fit like the best tents for tall people. This yurt offers accommodation for two people and can be used in three seasons. It comes with a cross-ventilation rain and a roll-up vestibule for a mesmerizing stargazing experience under remarkable trees where nature plays its rhythmic song of peace in solitude.

It is constructed with a hub and pole system and is easy to set up in a short time with its colour-coded clips. These best tents for tall people have spacious gear storage provided with two generous vestibules. Without this product, it is almost impossible to have a spectacular camping experience.

This product from MSR is made up of ripstop nylon used on the top and a nylon mesh, ensuring your privacy with zippers. The seams used in this product are weather-resistant, requiring no additional rainproofing. But if you intend to include water in your experience, you can just let the rain fly off, and it will collect enough water to let you float.

  • It provides restful accommodation for two people.
  • It is easy to set up with its color-coding facility and hub and pole system.
  • It has a zipper to ensure your privacy.
  • It is spacious enough to fit two tall people with a floor area of about 29ft.
  • It can be used in three seasons.
  • The rollup vestibule offers an enchanting stargazing experience.
  • Sometimes the worry of sealing seams is called into question.

10. ALPS Mountaineering Mystique Tent | 1.5 Person Backpacking Tent

The cure for dull life lies in letting nature get hold of you. While you conquer our spirit on a mountain trip, make sure you have the ALPS mountaineering mystique tent with you. At the end of the toughest journey, one finds a splendid view, and to bring you to ease while you aim for adventure is our utmost priority. We will make the view home for you with our comfortable tent that offers extra storage.

Let’s make the trip frustration-free and trust our product which is easy to install and an ideal choice for solo trips. This tent comes in grey and navy colours. This is a perfect way to go in autumn, summer, and spring. With the durable quality of material used to make this fine tent, we have ensured maximum weather protection. 

These best tents for tall people have eight zippers, and it is furnished with a vestibule over the mesh-covered door to bring you the best of views while staying in your cosy shelter. It is light in weight and thus can be carried easily, everywhere. Moreover, we have used aluminium stakes and guy ropes to increase the lifespan and ensure you paid for the right thing.

  • It is easily installable without a second person’s assistance.
  • It is a comfy choice for someone looking for a tent for tall people.
  • It has eight zippers to ensure your privacy.
  • Ensured weather protection.
  • It has a mesh storage pocket to keep your stuff in place.
  • It has a vestibule to have a more exciting view of nature while staying in your tent.
  • It has aluminum stakes with guy ropes to make it a reliable tent.
  • Suitable for hand wash only.
  • Though it is weather-resistant, refrain from using it in winters.

Although all of the above tents are worthy enough to have while enjoying vacations Ozark Trail 11 Person 3 Room 14′ x 14′ Instant Cabin Tent (Orange) is one of the best tents for tall people as it can accommodate 11 people at one time, it has durable poles of steel that helps it to resist heavy storms and rains. It has enough headspace to stand inside the tent, and we cannot just ignore the fact that it is incredibly convenient to pack and unpack.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Best Tents for Tall People

Q. What Are the Benefits of Tents for Tall People?

Ans: One of the significant benefits of tents for tall people is that you’ll have ample accommodation space inside the tent. Such tents will allow you to carry out your activities more efficiently.

Q. Do Tents for Tall People Come with Large Entrances?

Ans: Yes, tents for tall people come with extra-large entrances compared to standard camping tents. The primary reason behind this feature is to give access to the tall people to enter the tents.

Q. How Do You Know What Size of Tent is Perfect for You?

Ans: A general rule of adding two people to the camp is used to determine the right size of the camping tent. If you’re a family of four, you should buy a tent for six people.

Q. What Are the Features of Tents for Tall People?

Ans: Some of the essential features of the tents for tall people include extra-large entrances, ample accommodation areas, extra rooms for people, and high roofs.

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