10 Best Propane Lantern in 2022 [Buyer’s Guide]

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Don’t you think having coffee at the mountain top while camping with your family is the best experience ever? Of course, it is! But only when you have a consistent supply of light. LED lights have gone so far since they have battery issues. This is why most campers look for a Best Propane Lantern to light up their camps.

Thus, if you’re bewildered to get your hands on a reasonable yet durable propane lantern, the following options will surely satisfy you!

1. Coleman Gas Lantern | 1000 Lumens Deluxe Propane Lantern: 

It is the best propane lantern as it has a glass globe that adjusts the temperature accordingly. It also helps the product tolerate enough weather not to get enough heat to burst or destroy.

It has a bail handle that provides extreme convenience to you to hang or carry the product effortlessly. If you are fed up with a thing that is considered pressure insensitive, you can rely on Coleman Gas Lantern because it has a pressure regulator that keeps things moving profitably.

Most customers feel extended run time as a blessing as it can sustain its light up to 7.5 hours. You do not need to worry about the product`s inadequacy as it has a warranty of three years. 

The folding base of this product increases stability and strength. It has 7.81 inches, a width of 6.25 inches, and 11.31 inches in height. It weighs 3 pounds. It is easy to handle and has a more comfy Coleman table to install. This lantern will receive perfect fuel flow as there is no problem in considering the fuel with consistency. As the name suggests, it has an intensity of 1000 lumens that can throw the light up to 23 meters.

  • It has a pressure regulator that keeps the product safe from bursting.
  • It has a glass globe that can easily adjust the temperature.
  • It has a handle from which you can carry this product with extreme ease.
  • This lantern can quickly spread its light far, and it can prolong for more than 7 hours.
  • It has a sturdy and stable construction.
  • It is easy to install and lit up the Coleman gas lantern.
  • It does not come with propane. It would be best if you bought it separately.

2. Stansport 2 Mantle Propane Lantern| Double Mantle Lantern:

Are you planning to spend your night in an area full of fresh air around and a cozy environment? Woah! It would be a fantastic experience, but you will never experience the charm of such a place when you do not have something to illuminate your campsite. That’s where the need for the best propane lantern pops up.

For enabling you to bring your loved ones to the old charm and serenity, Stansport 2 Mantle Propane Lantern is here to serve. Entirely coated with a hood made up of metal, it ensures the safety of the handlers. The enamel finish on the outer side of this masterpiece is responsible for its grace.

There is an on and off knob that will enable you to control the flame with your own choice. In addition to this, it provides light up to 600 candle power. On the base side, there are durable tip-resistant feet that carry about 16.4 oz propane gas cylinders.

You do not have to worry about holding it or placing it inside your camp. It contains steel carrying handles, which are coupled with two silk mantles. The upper hood is vented; thus, the lantern’s shape is also perfect for carrying everywhere. This best propane lantern is suitable for all activities, whether you’re going camping or hiking with great ease.

You will love the portability and the size of the lantern as it can easily be kept in your backpack. The quality of the lantern is top-notch, so you will never feel discomfort in the case of durability.

  • There is a small and compact propane cylinder of 16.4 oz at the base of this lantern.
  • For better portability and carrying, it contains two steel handles.
  • These handles are coupled with two silk mantles.
  • It is perfect for carrying on hiking.
  • The weight of the lantern is also deficient.
  • It is covered with durable enable on the outer surface.
  • It can generate up to 600 candle power.
  • The knob may become loose after some time.

3. Coleman Elite Perfectflow Propane Lantern| Coleman Northstar 1500 lumens:

Light brings colors to life, especially when you are in an area where there are wonders of nature everywhere, or simple, we can call it a camping site. There are many sources to light the lights at your campsite, but the most appropriate solution for getting enough illumination is this best Coleman lantern.

That’s why our experts have decided to fade away all your worries about illumination sources with the introduction of Coleman Elite Perfectflow Propane Lantern. You will be pleased to know that this best propane lantern can adjust the flow flame from low to high for enlightening batteries to outdoor places.

A large propane gas cylinder at the side of the base has made it easy for the users to light it up for extended hours. Plus, the mean running time of the lantern amazes people as it can run up to 8 hours without filling the cylinder again. It does not matter what the weather is; it will guide you on the paths in the best possible way.

A porcelain ventilator also serves as the best alternative to protect the product from corrosion and rust. The glass covering around the candles inside helps to provide you continuous light without any hindrance of air.

It also contains an adjustable knob at the bottom of the lantern; thus, you can set the light according to your needs. Whether you are going on a hunting trip or fishing activity, it is the best propane lantern to go with.

  • It comes with an adjustable knob to set the light.
  • It is perfect for outdoor lighting.
  • It has a mean running time of about 16.4 oz.
  • The propane cylinder is relatively easy to fill.
  • There is a porcelain ventilator for rust protection.
  • It is perfect for fishing, hunting, and camping.
  • It provides a perfect flow of light.
  • Some people are not satisfied with the quality of the product.

4. Coleman Two-Mantle Propane Lantern | Coleman Dual fuel lantern :

If you plan to go on a hike, but your backpack is incomplete, the planning will go in vain. There is no fruit of going to camp with your friends when you don’t have the proper source to light up your campsite. Besides matchboxes and torches, a lantern is a universal solution for fading away darkness.

We’ve decided to include Coleman Two-Mantle in this great list of best propane lanterns to bring ease to our customers. You can light it up with matches; thus, there is no need to entangle yourself in a hustle while lighting it up.

The base of the lantern is relatively stable so that you don’t have to worry about its drowning when you are sleeping or busy with gossips. The retractable feet are responsible for providing outstanding support and stability. Thus you can place it anywhere in your camp with excellent access.

The presence of a large yet portable cylinder at the bottom base side of the lantern has brought the best efficiency to light up the candle for hours. It can generate a flame of about 1000 lumen, which is more than enough to light up your camp in all areas.

You’ll feel great ease while carrying it as this best propane lantern has a portable case with it. All you have to do is place this lantern in the case and take it wherever you want. Plus, the case’s dimensions are too wide so that you can put the lantern quite comfortably in it.

It also has a knob, which is perfect for setting the rate of flame. You can also change the pressure of the lantern by adjusting the knob. Moreover, the availability of steel handles in it is perfect for handling. Thus users are delighted with its portability.

  • It produces a flame of about 1000 lumens.
  • There is a cylinder at the base.
  • The base has a stable landing.
  • Retractable feet are also present for placing it.
  • A flame adjusting knob is present in it.
  • You can also change the pressure of the flame with a knob.
  • A steel handle is current for carrying it.
  • Some users complain about the extra weight of the case.

5. Coleman NorthStar Propane Lantern | Coleman Gas Lantern:

No doubt generators can bring you the ease to light up your camping area, but most users can’t bear the loud noise of the device. This is why lanterns are the best choice for those who love to camp in open areas like plains and forests. Indeed they can add more memories to your one-day trips.

If you’re searching for a portable yet good lantern, Coleman NorthStar Propane Lantern proves the best propane lantern. It contains all those features which are dreamed of to be present in a lantern. It is considered one of the lightest and brightest lanterns as it can produce light of about 1540 lumens.

This lantern can cause brightness around your camp. Thus you can also remain aware of what is happening around you. Moreover, it has a dimmer, which is used to set the intensity of the flame.

The presence of steel handles makes it easy for the users to carry it on their long paths. The brightness of the lantern doesn’t absorb much fuel. Thus you can use it for days without refilling its propane cylinder.

The glass cover around the candles is the best accessory to keep the light away from sudden winds. Plus, this option is perfect for RV camping. Thus get ready to get your hands on this best propane lantern.

  • Produces light of 1540 lumen.
  • Presence of switch or knob.
  • Availability of a stable base.
  • The two-mantle layer is responsible for its life.
  • It has a long mean running time.
  • It is the brightest lantern.
  • Presence of a glass cover around the flame.
  • The glass becomes too hot.

6. Coleman QuickPack Deluxe Propane Lantern | Dual Fuel Lantern :

Outdoor adventures bring the most beautiful colors to your life experiences, but everything will be lost in darkness without a lantern. Do you afford that? Of course not! No one can ever imagine losing all his plans just because of darkness.

Coleman QuickPack Deluxe Propane Lantern is the best choice if you want to save time. The availability of two powerful mantles on the outer side makes this item the best propane lantern for camping and outdoor activities.

The perfect flow of technology makes it the best propane lantern because it offers the best flow of light regardless of continuous running time. The fuel steam system allows you to use it in all weather conditions.

The stable base with double bottom availability will allow you to place it steady on any surface. The runtime of the lantern is about 13.5 hours, which is more than impressive. Thus you can spend your whole night in its light.

  • Availability of 16.4 oz propane cylinder.
  • Knob for pressure adjustment.
  • It runs for about 13.5 hours.
  • Available with a stable base.
  • Easy packing is also available.
  • Steel handle for carrying it.
  • Presence of two mantle layers for long life.
  • The intensity of light is not appealing.

7. AYL Starlight | Ultra Bright LED Lantern:

As the name suggests, it has six days straight, making it the best propane lantern in the entire market. It has a sleek design, and more specifically, all the components of this propane heater are highly organized. 

It has a glass globe where a particular bulb is installed along with tungsten wire that gives a beautiful shape and provides the temperature inside. It has a more substantial light intensity of 1000 lumens that lasts more than 100,000 hours of total use. 

It is the most reliable lantern on the market as it has steel bars and a glass globe, which one can hold in extreme temperature conditions. It has a more splendid battery timing due to its single set of 3D flesh batteries.

It has four inches in length, a width of four inches, and a height of 7.2 inches. It weighs almost half a kilogram that is quite convenient to carry.

  • It has long-lasting illumination that is around six days.
  • It has three modes of brightness that you can adjust according to the circumstances by merely pressing a button.
  • It is water-resistant as it has a sleek design that keeps the water away from entering the lantern.
  • It is shock-resistant as some part of this lantern is of the insulator that does not allow any heat to pass through it.
  • It has a hook at the bottom that makes it stable while setting it up.
  • It throws light at all angles.
  • It is super bright.
  • It can not store batteries for long-term purposes.

8. Coleman Gas Lantern | 300 Lumens Compact 1 Mantle Propane Lantern: 

It is safe to light the best propane lantern, Coleman gas lantern, as it needs matches to initiate its warmth process. It is relatively easier to carry the lantern as it has a chain on both sides that provides complete support to an individual to move this best propane lantern with extreme ease. 

It is the perfect package to take with you in camping or hunting as it has the option to adjust the brightness precisely according to requirements. It has a smooth, sleek design that exhibits an elegant look and provides a modern lantern shape. 

It has a pressure regulator like a stove that we can lessen or strengthen according to the need. The lantern is protected and surrounded by a metallic globe, often referred to as a metallic guard that enhances working lantern quality and helps the lantern avoid any abrasive damage. 

One of the best qualities of this lantern is its run time; it can incredibly function for almost half a day that means you can light the lantern for a whole night and enjoy a cozy sleep. It can throw light up to 8 meters that are a reasonable distance.

  • Its fancy chain handle will make it easier for you to carry.
  • Its runtime is unbelievable. It is more than 11 hours.
  • Ravishing metal globe guards protect the lantern from any impacts.
  • Its ability of customized brightness can adjust the levels and make it an easy purchase.
  • It has an excellent warranty of three years.
  • You have to purchase an extra tank with the lantern to make things work.

9. Stansport Compact Lantern | Single Propane Mantle Flashlight:

If you’re looking to invest your money in the best quality propane lanterns for camping, our first product will meet all your demands. Stansport never fails to amaze its customers by issuing worthy options in the market.

Their single compact propane mantle flashlight seems like the favorite item of campers around the world. It comes with all those demanding features that are expected to be present in a Best Propane Lantern. The durability of this propane lantern is enhanced because of the availability of a steel hood.

You’ll never be investing your bucks again and again after buying it for the first time. It comes with a unique silk tablecloth on the inner side which provides a continuous supply of light. The frequency of the light never changes during the whole duration of its motion. In addition to this, there is no need for you to worry about handling it since it has heat resistant glass globe.

This globe doesn’t heat its outer surface, making it easy for the campers to hold it while working. There is a tip-resistant base at the bottom that eliminates any physical damage to both the camp and campers.

This Best Propane Lantern will provide you with powered lightning up to 200 candles. The supply of this high power of lightning is supported by the proper ventilation and availability of an enamel finish. If you want to hand it into your camp, a steel handle is integrated with it.

  • The availability of a steel hood on the upper side increases its durability.
  • It provides a convenient handling experience with a heat-resistant glass globe.
  • Continuous ventilation and an enamel finish all around it support a constant supply of 200 power lights.
  • A tight valve eliminates the leakage of propane in the tank.
  • It is not suitable for indoor use.

10. Docooler Camping Lantern | Mini Portable Lantern:

Here comes another Best Propane Lantern with a slight touch of the typical propane lanterns. Docooler is also regarded as a reliable brand for saving your bucks while investing in camping propane lanterns. It is manufactured with the highest quality of light aluminum alloy and nickel alloy material.

All the materials used in its construction are temperature and corrosion-resistant. This is the primary reason why buyers are obsessed with this propane lantern. The gas elimination during the lightning process is supported by the thin lamp chimney and a highly straight resistant, shatterproof outer side.

The valves in this propane lantern are pretty tight to leak the propane gas in the camp. Thus all your worries about the gas leakage in your base while having fun are to an end now. This propane lantern’s temperature-resistant nature makes it easy for the customers to carry it everywhere they want.

The intensive chimney is integrated on its inner side to support the continuous supply of light even during storms and harsh weather. You will not have to ignite it repeatedly since the ignition cloth present in it is handy to use or to light up.

Thus you’ll never be experiencing darkness even on the black night when you have this Best Propane Lantern beside you. It also comes with a hanging chain that ensures the proper hanging of the lamp in the camps.

  • It comes with a high-energy ceramic piezoelectric ignition system to support the availability of continuous light in the camp.
  • The ignition cloth in its ignition center doesn’t cause random drops in the light.
  • It provides a brightness level of about 8LUX.
  • It is manufactured with high-quality aluminum and nickel alloys for long-lasting durability.
  • Some of its customers have concerns about its high price


Picking up a reliable and Best Propane Lantern is the first step towards a successful camping experience. That is why we have tried our best to give you the wisest choices of handiest yet reasonable propane lanterns. So choose any one of the above options to enjoy camping to the fullest!

Frequently Ans Questions regarding best propane lantern

Q. Why Use Propane Lanterns on Camping?

You can use propane lanterns on Camping to generate frames and endure the weather’s high temperatures. In addition to this, propane lanterns will save you from a light problem in Camping.

Q. Are Propane Lanterns Safe to Use in a Camp?

No propane lanterns are not much safe to use in a camp, especially in an enclosed tent. When you can use a propane lantern in the camp, the only condition is when your tent is accessible to air supply.

Q. Do People Still Use Propane Lanterns?

Ans: Yes, people still use propane lanterns because of their compatibility and consistent light production. Most of these individuals are campers who want continuous light supply in their tents with lanterns..

Q. What are the Reasons to Use a Propane Lantern in Camping?

Ans: Some of the potential reasons to use propane lanterns in Camping include lighting up the campsite, saving your money, and producing light without any break.

Will Propane Lanterns Attract Bugs in Your Camp?

Ans: Propane lanterns don’t attract much more bugs in your camp because they produce brighter light. The safe and compact production of light will not allow bugs to enter your camp.

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